You're ready to create content that allows you to market yourself more successfully. We'll set up your content strategy foundation so that you can show up more powerfully through your content and convert more clients into your offers. 

Content Strategy Roadmap


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You've tried everything from following the hottest marketing gurus, buying templates, and let's be honest...wasting way too many hours scoping out your competition.

i see you...

You're tired of being stuck on the content creation hamster wheel and not seeing results

A unique content strategy is the solution and I'm here to help.

Whether you're heading into a launch or want a quarterly marketing roadmap, Let's make a plan. We'll outline where you need to be, what type of content you need to create, and when to publish it.

You have a roadmap 

Enter strategic content repurposing! I'm a huge believer that repeating your message is SMART marketing and I'll teach you how to do it in a way that doesn't make you sound like a broken record.

focus on working smarter

Marketing is much more than just tactics. There's a whole mindset behind creating successful content and showing up in a way that truly connects and converts your ICAs.

we work on the mind.

3 Ways My Approach is Different...

Confidence in their content. They escape analysis paralysis and "trend jumping" and finally find consistency.

A solid marketing mindset which allows them to show up like thought leaders and build that l "like, know, trust" factor.

Less second guessing = more time and creative capacity back in their life.

More sales and clients!

Results my clients see...

Rebekah took my reservations of implementing a social media strategy and created something clear, concise, and on-brand. She was attentive in listening to the goals I have for my business and created her strategy around what would serve those goals best. I couldn’t be happier with the social media strategy she created for my business. I believe it’s going to help me connect with my target audience more and create results that will exceed my expectations.
-Kristina N. 

"She took the overwhelm I was feeling and helped me to feel empowered


Working with Rebekah is a delight. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted because of how strategically she is repurposing my content. Her systems are streamlined, her communication is clear and she brings such creativity and innovative ideas to our work. My sales and overall brand has grown by trusting her with my content in a way I could never manage myself. I’m so lucky to have found her!!
- Lisa Cumes, Founder of Full Thrive Freelancers

" I feel like a huge burden has been lifted

She looked at the big picture and carefully curates a plan that drives real results. I was able to tell her what I wanted to do and she mapped out the way to get there PLUS planned and created the content. I didn’t have to touch my social media at all - giving me back so much time + sanity.
- Brooke, Life and Business Coach

Rebekah is THE greatest content strategist I’ve worked with

She's mature, professional, reliable, and fun to be around. She is great at managing her workload and being flexible when the unexpected arises. She always looks for ways to lighten my load because she truly understands how difficult small business ownership can be. 

Perhaps best of all, I know that Rebekah genuinely cares about my company's success and will go above and beyond to ensure excellent results. You will not regret your decision to bring Rebekah onto your team!
- Tiffany Jones, CEO of The Kenza Collective

" Rebekah is a dream to work with!



+ A thorough strategy questionnaire (pre-call homework)
+ A 60 minute 1:1 strategy call with me where we’ll be focusing on your purposeful organic content marketing for the upcoming quarter or launch
+ Customized content marketing strategy based on your unique goals
+ Call recording and notes
+ Customized mock month content calendar
+ 1:1 Voxer access to Rebekah for support (1 week)

what's included

Let's get your content set up to help you reach your launch or quarterly goals!

Content Strategy Roadmap

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I’m a working mom with 4 kids under 7. I’ve helped numerous business owners these past 3 years in varying capacities from virtual assisting to content management.

After working on content marketing with a few high-level coaches in the personal / business development space I knew that THIS was the spot for me.

As a self-proclaimed self-development junkie, these coaches and their missions resonate highly with me. As their content manager, I get to know their business inside and out, learn about their 1-year- 5-year goals, and develop strong relationships that go further than solely “outsourced help”.

Seeing their goals come to fruition through strategic content marketing is why I do what I do.

I'm Rebekah — Content Marketing Specialist

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